Putting a Face to the Name

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Lasting Impressions

Below are a few photos of me with some of my current and former bandmates.

2008 - (top right) with Crowd Control

2001 - (far left) with Chemistry

2001 - (top, far left) with PowerPlay

2001 - (far right) with A Breath of Fresh Air

2003 - (top right) with House Party

1992 - (far left) with The Zion Travelers (my father is top center)

2001 - (third from the right) with Velvet

2007 - (top left) with The Heat

2003 - (third from left) with More Than Conquerors

1993 - (lower right) with B.F.G.

ca.1981 - let's just say my parents saw it coming...

2007 - (top left) with The Casanova Live Band

2003 - (far right) with the musicians of Mount Tabor MBC